Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

While bone loss makes it difficult to perform various treatments ideally, it also causes losses in some functions and aesthetic appearance. Bone grafts known as bone powders are used to provide planned treatments and to preserve aesthetics and function. Augmentation of the bone in the region of bone grafts (bone insertion process) is performed to restore the lost tissue. An artificial material can be chosen for the main material to be used in the bone augmentation process, or a bone graft taken from the person himself, from another person or from another living thing that is compatible with human tissues can be preferred.

In which situations are bone augmentation procedures should be preferred?

Bone tissue loss may occur due to gum diseases, abscess formation, traumas, tooth extraction or age-related bone resorption. In these cases, bone augmentation may be preferred in order to protect other tissues in the region and restore functions and aesthetics. In addition, bone augmentation applications are performed in order to perform other treatment procedures ideally and to be long-lasting. The most preferred situation is the insufficiency of the bone tissue in the region for implant application. Bone grafts can be used to increase the height or width of the bone, to raise the sagging sinus floor, or in cases where implants are planned to be made in the same session with tooth extraction. Our patients can access detailed information about implant applications in our Dental Implant article.

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