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We serve with our doctors, who have a history of 15 years in Istanbul and Antalya. With our 15 years of experienced staff, we give you guarantee and the best results with accurate diagnosis and planning.

After your treatment, here and when you return to your country, regular patient follow-up is done, and we bridge the communication between the patient and the physician.

Your previous hospital reports, examination results and medical imaging reports.

Dental implants are not generally covered by medical insurance. However, coverage may be possible, depending on your insurance plan and/or cause of tooth loss. Check with your plan administrator to find out about your coverage.

If your teeth are healthy to begin with we do not extract them, your natural teeth get files to fit your crowns over them.
If you have unhealthy or wobbly teeth, we would need to see an X Ray before advising you properly.

Kindly message us pictures of your upper jaw and lower jaw please. This will help us in making a proper treatment plan and quote for you.

DentioTurkey offers a variety of payment options and payment is done when you arrive at our clinics. Our team prepares an agreement on the quotation we shared with you while you are in the plane. Prior to the treatment, you are given the agreement text on the quotation and pay by several options: cash, bank card, and bank transfer. Our priority is the cash option but if you like you can either use a mastercard/visa card or transfer money via Paypal and Revolut. There is no problem regarding finance.

Unfortunately, those who do not reside in Turkey do not offer any payment plans or financing options. However, you can make your payments upon arrival at our clinic by cash, bank transfer, Revolut or PayPal.

We need 6 days to complete most of our treatments however when implants are involved you will need to visit us twice with a time lapse of 3 to 5 months in between both visits.