Gum Aesthetics

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Gum Aesthetics

Gum aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics; It is the process of shaping the laugh line and the appearance of the teeth by making arrangements on the gums. Thanks to these applications, which have an important place in aesthetic dentistry, the patient; It can achieve the ideal tooth and gum appearance in a short time and have a symmetrical laughing line.

What are the advantages of gum aesthetic procedures?

In case of bleeding or swelling in the gum, the treatment of these diseases is also done within the scope of the gum aesthetic procedure. The arrangements made in the tissues surrounding the teeth can thus help maintain gum health. This situation minimizes the possibility of bad breath or injuries. For this reason, it is also very effective in maintaining oral health in the long term. In aesthetic sense, it allows the amount of tooth appearance and gum level to be regulated in a short time. In this way, aesthetic concerns that may restrict social life can be easily eliminated.

Which procedures are applied within the scope of gum aesthetic treatment?

Gum aesthetics is performed by gingivectomy (cutting the gum) or gingivoplasty (shaping the gum). With these applications; The visible tooth size can be extended, the gingiva can be leveled, or the amount of appearance of the gum during the smile can be reduced by lip positioning or the arrangements made in the visible gum. In case of disease in the gum tissue, the disease factor is eliminated before these arrangements are made.

Who are suitable for gum aesthetic applications?

In cases where the gum line is not in the ideal position and shape, gum aesthetic procedures may be preferred. These procedures can be performed at any age, if the condition of the gums and teeth is suitable for treatment.

What kind of process should you expect in gum aesthetic treatment?

Gum aesthetic procedures are performed painlessly with local anesthesia. Generally, it is preferred to do this with a laser. In this way, the treatment is done without bleeding and without stitches. Gum treatment is completed in one session in many cases. However, in some cases, depending on the planned procedures, the treatment process may be prolonged. After the procedure, the healing process is completed within 10 to 14 days.

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