Dental Crown Treatment (Zirconium, Emax)

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Dental Crown Treatment (Zirconium, Emax)

Dental crown treatments; It is the process of arranging the shape, color and form by covering with special materials suitable for the natural appearance of the teeth. This process; It can be preferred in the treatment of dental caries, broken fillings, cavities that occur due to missing teeth. When applied to teeth with loss of substance, it increases the strength of these teeth and helps the teeth to be protected in the mouth for a longer period of time. By allowing the replacement of missing teeth with a prosthesis, it provides the regain of the lost function due to tooth deficiency. Dental veneers also allow for the arrangement processes planned for aesthetic purposes.

What are the advantages of dental crown treatments?

Dental crown treatments; It allows the teeth to be used in a healthy way by supporting the healthy tissues of the teeth that have lost their durability due to deep caries or forties. The feature of being able to record all stages of the treatment in digital environment provides convenience in cases where it is necessary to make arrangements in the treatment. Editing processes can be completed in a short time in a practical way. When its care is provided regularly, it can serve comfortably in the mouth for a long time. It allows many aesthetic or functional problems in the mouth to be treated effectively in a very short time. While protecting your health with materials compatible with the human body, it allows you to apply without compromising the natural appearance with its compatibility with dental tissue. Your teeth; It can be used to permanently change its color, to extend its length, to fill the natural or post-formed spaces between them, to arrange their asymmetrical appearance or to change other shape properties. In this way, it contributes significantly to the creation of an effective smile design.

How is it decided which method will be used in dental crown treatments?

The preferred treatment method in dental coating applications; It varies according to the condition of the teeth, aesthetic characteristics, facial profile, habits and expectations of the patient. Taking all these parameters into consideration, the most ideal treatment alternatives to support the dental and general health of the patient are explained in detail by the dentist and presented to the patient and the method to be applied is determined together with the patient. The most preferred methods in dental coating treatments with their superior aesthetic properties; Porcelain laminated, zirconium tooth coating and empress tooth coating applications.

Our article containing detailed information about porcelain laminate treatment, in which the coating process is applied only on the front surface of the tooth, is also available on our site.

Zirconium Dental Crown

Zirconium is a white colored hard metal element. When the durability properties of metal elements are needed in tooth coating treatments, it is preferred for coating application without sacrificing ideal aesthetic properties. This material, which has a high resistance to fracture, can be preferred for single-tooth coating or dental bridge applications in the back teeth where the force is intense during the day. It is frequently used in implant prostheses thanks to its combination of high strength with aesthetic advantages. In addition, it is a suitable option for the aesthetic treatment of teeth with advanced discoloration, as it can create high coverage. It can also be applied for aesthetic purposes in closing the natural spaces between teeth and in teeth with minimal perplexity. It can be used safely thanks to its compatibility with the human body.

Empress Tooth Coating (E-max)

Empress tooth coating materials are the versions of the ceramic material used in dental treatments, reinforced with special methods. With the reinforcement process, it becomes a material that can be resistant to abrasion for a long time. Thanks to its high light transmission feature, it creates a very natural appearance in coating treatment. This natural appearance is preferred especially in procedures where color and form changes are planned for the front teeth. Thanks to its sufficient durability, empress coating treatments can be applied to the posterior teeth and single tooth coating processes. However, it would be more appropriate to apply zirconium tooth coating treatments in order to ensure the ideal durability in treatments where the load on the dental bridge prosthesis is higher.

What awaits you in the dental coating treatment process?

Dental veneers are usually completed in 5 to 7 days. This process may vary depending on the treatment method, the number and condition of the teeth to be treated. In the first appointment, a detailed examination is made and various records are taken to determine the treatment method to be applied and to plan the design features. After the necessary analysis, the dentist presents the treatment alternatives that can be applied to the patient. The method and design features suitable for treatment are determined by the physician and the patient jointly. In accordance with this planning, the personalized design of the treatment is made and presented to the patient.

Treatment procedures usually take 2 to 4 sessions. In the treatment session, if suitable conditions can be achieved, the process to be performed is rehearsed first. In this way, the patient is provided with a more concrete idea of the outcome of the treatment. If necessary, the design can be edited at this stage. When the design plan to be made is definitely decided, the necessary abrasion processes are performed to ensure that the coating can sit on the tooth tissue in a healthy way. The process until permanent prostheses are prepared; Temporary dental prostheses are placed on the treated teeth so that they can be passed comfortably without sacrificing aesthetic properties. When permanent dental prostheses are prepared, their compatibility with teeth is checked in the mouth. When the prosthesis blends perfectly with the teeth, it is permanently adhered to the teeth with special adhesives.

What should you expect in the period after dental coating treatment?

After dental coating treatment, the patient can easily return to his daily routine without losing comfort. Minimal sensitivity to hot and cold can be observed after the procedure. However, this is for a very short time. Sensitivity passes by itself within a few days. Care should be taken to ensure that the coatings can be used safely for a long time. Providing routine oral hygiene with tooth brushing and the use of dental floss or intermediate brushes is sufficient for the maintenance of dental coatings.

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